Q & A with Girls in Glasses😎😎😎

So… Who are the girls behind the Glasses?

We are 8 and 11 year old Aussie Girls who both have one brother each and lots of pets. We are cousins and BFFs.

In our spare time we play in a rock band! We love to sing, play the drums, the bass guitar and also write our own songs.🎸🥁🎤

What is ‘Girls in Glasses’ ?

We are two average, everyday girls, who come together to share our passion for education with the world. We want to grow and learn with other kids through fun and entertainment!

Why the Glasses?

Since mystery and intrigue is so much fun we decided to hide our identities from the world (just like superheroes) We tossed up lots of ideas for disguises but the Glasses won for the simple fact that sunnies are sooooo cool! 😎

How did we become Girls in Glasses?

Our mums are both teachers. One Early Childhood and one Primary. We have childcare centres in our family, so we have both grown up around children of all ages. We are so lucky to still be able to spend time the kids even though we have long since graduated to BIG school.

One day someone mentioned how well the kids respond to us and how much they learn from us. This was the moment  “Girls in Glasses” was born.

As part of this we decided to focus on ‘Edutainment’ for kids, where we can use our experience to educate and entertain other kids. Lots of people even called us ‘Mini Teachers in Training’.

We know all about Child Development, Teaching Strategies and Curriculum. We can even do group time sessions like pros. Like the sponges kids are, we have absorbed so much throughout our years, of watching many amazing Educators and interacting with 100s of kids. We have even been part of many a Educator training session over the years, giving us lots of behind the scenes info in Early Childhood Education📚

What do we do?

We aim to educate and entertain young kids!

We go into childcare centres and schools and run groups with the kids (after school and in the holidays).We make educational You Tube videos, so we can spread our message that Learning is awesome! Our mums are our Educational Advisors. Everything we do is approved by them for its accuracy and quality, which makes what we do that much more special.
We also work hard to support deserving kids in our community.

If you think what we are doing is  worthwhile please help us spread our message, We so appreciate your support
x GiG💕

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