Bringing Books Back

At the moment we are working on our own initiative called

We love books and are so excited to share our love of books with other kids. We love technology as much as the next kid, but it’s our mission to ensure that books (the real kind) never go out of style. We want every kid in Australia to know that books are still cool!

Some things we are doing as part of this is:

đź“šVisiting Child Care Centres to host reading groups with the kids

đź“šProducing You Tube book reading videos

đź“šMaking book donations to kids in our community.

Hope you’ll join us on our journey to Bring Books Back

Have you read a book today?




The Amazing American Children’s Author and Poet-

Kenn Nesbit



The Inspirational Australian Author-

Jackie French

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 1.36.09 pm.png


The Amazing Australian Author-

Natalie Jane Prior

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

The Legendary Australian Author-

 Lynley Dodd



The Wonderful Author-

Kylie Dunstan


Shortlisted Early Childhood Book of the Year Author-

Cori Brooke




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